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Alison Hill
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‘I’m definitely a lifer at this point in time,’ jokes Alison Hill as she describes her 22-year career at PwC. The engaging partner is at the forefront of the Big Four firm’s private client services.

Hill sits in a 100-strong team that focuses on large international families and business owners who have a London nexus. Half this team concentrates primarily on private individuals. ‘[Our structure] is increasingly to our clients’ benefit – we do cover that full spectrum. We’re not just looking after them as individuals but we can also help them look after their businesses,’ she explains.

Hill herself does not have a jurisdictional focus when it comes to her practice, but has found herself working more closely with the company’s European ‘private wealth network’ in recent years.

She’s seen a ‘positive shift’ in people’s attitude to tax over the years, and has seen increased engagement between her team and HMRC which she says ultimately ‘benefits her clients’. She’s also noticed that the tax landscape is becoming more international and she is advising on a greater variety of crossborder issues.

‘As our international wealthy communities have been evolving, the industry has had to keep pace with that,’ she says.