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Alice d’Esparbes


Alice d’Esparbes
Wealth Managers 2019
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Alice d’Esparbes’ experience lies in monitoring the issues affecting res non-dom clients in the UK. The francophone joined UBS’s Brussels branch in 2005 as an investment consultant for French entrepreneurs. Today, as director, she advises across the spectrum in a role that encompasses financial planning, philanthropy

and lending. She is proud of the bank’s knowledge of UHNWs, which she says not many institutions can rival. ‘UBS has global research capabilities dedicated to private clients,’ she told Spear’s. ‘It helps them navigate through uncertain times’.

D’Esparbes sees diversification as an essential strategy to combat volatile markets. Her work also includes alternative investments, such as hedge funds and private equity, areas that need a more nuanced approach and in which she is a ‘big believer’. What’s unique about UBS, she says, is its ability to act like a boutique despite its vast, global size; the various different arms of the bank are all seamlessly connected. In the UK, the wealth management arm has grown through the recent expansion of its Manchester office, increasing the Swiss bank’s portfolio of regional offices, which includes Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Jersey.