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Alex Stroud

Alex Stroud
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I have pulled the rabbit out of a hat on twenty-odd occasions [in 2015], having bought really well for clients… that’s what I do, I suppose,’ says Stroud, who has bought more than 80 properties since he founded his one-man establishment in 2010. Having bought ten pieds-à-terre since last summer, he says the £1-3 million market remains active.

He resents some buying agents who overlook this bracket: ‘A lot of agents are not prepared to get their hands dirty and do deals at that level. But why wouldn’t I?’ he says, explaining that some of these clients provide referrals or return to purchase more expensive properties.

Liked by sellers and agents alike, part of Stroud’s charm is his refreshing honesty, which ‘sometimes means no deal at all’. He says he would rather that than hide ‘the Tube line that runs underneath, or the porter that always gets drunk, or that lift that I know never works… I would much rather put my head on my pillow and sleep well at night. Clients will always stay with you if you’re good and honest.’