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‘I still am a one man band,’ the energetic Alex Stroud assures us. When Spear’s wonders how on earth Stroud had single-handedly acquired more than 130 properties in the past seven years, he says: ‘I’m just a workaholic; it’s as simple as that.’ And office hours often stretch past midnight on most days, he says: ‘It’s pretty hard.’

Are others in the industry toiling away similarly? In the difficult market, which he says has ‘bottomed out’ and will bumble along at the current pace, he answers no.

‘A lot of people don’t work hard and it staggers me,’ Stroud says. ‘Gone are the days when a selling agent could advertise a property and wait for the phones to ring – you now have to do a lot of lateral thinking, you have to unturn a lot of stones.’

Stroud appears to have a laser vision of prime central London, honed over 30 years’ experience in the industry. ‘I know the porters that get drunk, I know where the tube runs underneath, I know the right side of the street to buy on,’ he says.

And client and peer testimonials show that Stroud is indeed the right man to have on one’s side. One agent has no doubt that Stroud is ‘one of the top five buying agents in PCL’, while another praises the ‘tremendous operator’ for his ‘huge local knowledge’ and his ability to take care of his clients ‘with the utmost care’.