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During his 20-plus years in the rural property business, Alex Lawson has seen a growing interest in landed estates as people become more aware of the diversity that rural land offers, both in terms of property types and the potential for income generation. Landed property, he believes, is also relatively insulated from economic cycles.

Lawson heads up the national farms and estates team at Savills, specialising in selling ‘the biggest and best country estates and farms throughout the UK’, he tells Spear’s. Recently he’s seen an upswing in buyers from the financial sector ‘creeping back’ after practically disappearing in the wake of the financial crash – and he’s also seen current landowners whose land has been developed, and they want to use the ‘financial windfall’ to buy up more land.

Lawson stresses that there’s more to it than negotiating a good price. ‘A lot of what we sell can be described as a business rather than just a property asset,’ he says. ‘There are a huge number of moving parts, and people and sentiment and emotions involved. So, actually, to put a bit of time and consideration into things beyond the financial is hugely important.’