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‘You have to be a bit of a detective in this market,’ says the gregarious Guy Meacock as he catches up with Spear’s after a viewing. That means having a network of contacts with the right sort of knowledge, but also thinking laterally and investigating opportunities for off-market deals. ‘You need a bit of enterprise about you.’

After 15 years at Prime Purchase, Meacock has a sure feel for the market – which he describes today as ‘greedy’. ‘It’s very hard to find things of quality,’ he says. ‘The challenge is discerning whether the premium asked for by a vendor is justified – because, in the vast majority of cases, it isn’t.’

He emphasises the importance of managing clients’ expectations, and of establishing a foundation for honest dialogue. ‘You have to have a relationship that is open enough to give them difficult news and to be firm with them when you need to be firm, and also encourage them in other ways.’ This takes time, but, Meacock adds, the results are worth it:

‘I’ve seen clients burst into tears when they get that warm, fuzzy feeling from walking into a house and feeling as though they can’t walk away. That’s a wonderful thing.’ His client base is mainly British, with a growing constituency of young tech entrepreneurs. ‘People in their thirties are coming with double-digit millions. But they’re sophisticated and understand the importance of paying for advice – whether it’s wine, cars, or their own business.’