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One has to increasingly innovate,’ CMS dispute resolution partner Dan Tench tells Spear’s when asked about the state of the reputation world. It’s been a ‘very busy, very diverse’ year for the experienced litigator, who has a particular expertise in judicial review, competition law, media law and sports law.

‘We’ve certainly been at the cutting edge of a number of important legal developments in the information area.’ He’s noticing that affairs are becoming more international on the client front, while social media continues to be an area of note. CMS has, he says, been ‘right at the vanguard’ of developing the relevant tools to deal with it.

‘There’s been the decline in traditional media,’ he adds. ‘Twenty-five years ago, when I started if something was on the front page of a national newspaper, then that was a matter of immediate concern to a client. These days people can take two views of it. It doesn’t feel the same because of the decline of circulation and lack of influence. Social media has come in.’

Since qualifying in 1991, Tench has also advised in bringing and defending major judicial reviews and other administrative law challenges on complex litigation cases.